• The Leading Footwear Brand in Malaysia Since 1978

Larrie 1978

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About Us

Our strategic policy of brand expansion has involved the retail channels, leading to the opening of new retail stores carrying Larrie as well as its licensed and distributed brands. These stores are strategically placed in prominent venues and further enhance the retail capacity of the company.

Larrie Corporation is now helmed by the third-generation of the Chong family who have continued to develop the competitive footwear business while tapping into broad potential markets.

  • Home-Grown to Global

    Established in 1978, Larrie Corporation is a family-run business based in Kuala Lumpur. As the distributor and marketer of quality shoes, Larrie Corporate has grown from a small home-grown shoe enterprise to a leading shoe company in Malaysia with numerous international brands under its management.
  • Comfort in style

    Larrie is the epitome of style, design, and comfort with a dash of fun for today’s young and trendy professionals. Since 1978, Larrie has been offering carefree casuals to chic and sophisticated footwear; all beautifully-crafted practical shoes that you will love!

  • Leading footwear brand

    To date, Larrie is the leading footwear brand with 52 branches in Malaysia, and we are constantly expanding our brand to a global footwear brand.

52 branches to date

  • Team Spirit of Larrie

    A warming family portrait celebrating the contributions and achievements of Larrie team