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How to Buy

Step-By-Step Guide

Shopping at larrieshoes.com is simple, easy and convenient.
Here’s a step-by-step guide to buying your desired products at larrieshoes.com:

  1. Choose Product
  1. Choose Size
  2. Select Quantity
  3. Add to Cart (repeat Steps 1 to 4 to add other products)
  1. View Shopping Cart
  1. Checkout
  1. Login for Registered & Returning Customers (skip Step 9)
  2. Insert Coupon Code (if available/applicable)
  3. Fill in Billing Details
  1. Click and Fill in Shipping Details (if ship to a different address)
  2. Choose Payment Option
  3. Complete Order (redirects user to iPay88 payment gateway page)
  1. Choose Payment Method
  2. Fill in Banking/Credit Card Details
  3. Proceed (do not close this page; will be redirected to Larrie's site once payment is successful)
  1. Check Email for Order Details