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    Comfortability comes first before anything!


    We design all of our products to look young & energetic


    Walk your journey comfidently, feel & enjoy the positivity

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    All these qualities make us the leading footwear brand in Malaysia

History of


  • 1978

    Established in 1978, Larrie Corporation is a family-run business based in Kuala Lumpur, as the distributor and marketer of quality shoes.

  • Third Generation

    Larrie Corporation is now helmed by the third-generation of the Chong family who have continued to develop the competitive footwear business while tapping into potential markets.

  • To Global

    Larrie Corporate has grown from a small home-grown shoe enterprise to a leading shoe company in Malaysia with numerous international brands under its management.

  • Leading Footwear Brand

    To date, Larrie is now a leading footwear brand with 52 branches in Malaysia.

when Technology & style collide

Dashing with Real Comfort

Feedbacks of

Happy Customers

“You'll never have to worry about the comfortability, even after yearss of wears!”

Lily choo

“Larrie's designs are getting more and more stylish, my only sneaker brand to go, because of their very fair price point”

Zoe yee

“Can't step out of my house without their bouncy cushion insole specially designed for all Larrie's sneakers, it's just so comfortable to wear!”

Chong yik

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